We went from only having 3 months of rent in our pocket to creating a Six-Figure Pet Care Business…

Our Story

Missy and August Carnahan Our Story

“Happy Pups = Happy People”

Thank you for this opportunity to share our story with you…

In May, 2009, We moved to Celebration, FL from Pittsburgh, PA with about 3 months’ rent in our pocket. We didn’t have jobs lined up, just excitement for a new beginning and a great work ethic to know we would make it happen…and we did!

In just 4 short years, we’ve took a simple (yet fun) idea, that anyone with a love & passion for pets can do, and turned it into a Six Figure Business + it’s so rewarding!

And yes, here comes our minute of fame…In January, 2012, we received a very important phone call from WALT DISNEY’s Prestigious New Residential Community and were able to offer our services to their Residence & Pets!


We feel very blessed to be in the Pet Care and Training Industry. People love their fur-kids and each year they are treated more and more like family members because of the unconditional love they give!

During Covid-19, we like so many others pivoted and became web-based and offered Instant Downloads for Clients To Start Training Their Pups In Their Own Homes and It Was A Huge Success!


We Love Hearing Each and Every Story and Journey From New Puppies or Mis-Behaved Dogs – To Becoming Very Well Behaved Pups! 

We have reached our Personal & Financial Goals of Phase 1 for our Company and are now Ready To Help Others Grow Across All 50 States and Beyond!

We are excited to see People follow in our footsteps & become just as, if not…even more successful!

“Before you are a Leader, success is all about growing yourself.  When you become a Leader, success is all about growing others”  –Jack Welch


  Thank you for your time, Cheers to Hard Work & Success!  Melissa & August 

Melissa Carnahan

Co-founder And Owner

August Carnahan

Co-founder And Owner

One of our Company’s Motto’s is:

“Teach a person to properly care for and train a pet & they can earn a paycheck…Teach a person to operate a Professional Pet Care andTraining Business…Their Possibilities are Endless!”

We Have The Proven Knowledge, Experience And Quadrupled Growth Rate Of Starting and Operating A Six-Figure Per Year Pet Care and Training Business!

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“We literally get to play with pets everyday, set our own schedule and earn over six-figures each year”. -Melissa Carnahan

Your Organization and Dedication to your Clients and Staff will be rewarded, Both Professionally & Financially! When Your Pet Care Business + Puppy and Dog Training Powered by Paw Academy = SWEET SUCCESS!